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Five Years

Artwork by Claudia McGill, acrylics and inks, 2021

In May 2021 we celebrated our fifth year by publishing five specially commissioned stories by five authors who have had a long association with Fictive Dream. Here is a listing of the works that appeared as part of the Five Stories for Five Years week. The artwork for the series was created by artist Claudia McGill.

Kerry Hadley-Pryce
Can You Just Be Quiet, Now? | May 17 2021

Sandra Arnold
Like a Second Skin | May 18 2021

Mike Fox
Satyagraha and Ernest Jones | May 19 2021

Nod Ghosh
Ahu’s Story | May 20 2021

Francine Witte
It Doesn’t Rain Here Anymore | May 21 2021

Thank you to these fine authors for their unstinting support!


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