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Artwork by Claudia McGill, collage, 2019

Revisits is a new series in which we bring you the best stories from our back catalogue. Each Revisit takes three stories that are linked by a theme and over the course of the summer we will re-issue our best material on such universal themes as love, abuse, friendship, grief and sex.

Revisits: Love | April 10 2019

Revisits: Abuse | April 24 2019 

Revisits: Growing Up | May 8 2019

Revisits: Grief | May 22 2019

Revisits: Rivalry | June 12 2019

Revisits: Magic Realism | June 26 2019

Revisits: Friendship | July 24

If you missed these stories the first time, then here’s another opportunity to read some superb writing by writers from all over the world. 


Laura Black

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